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    Chilliwack Septic Ltd has close to 50 years of experience in the Fraser Valley. The company has been passed down through three generations. It is our passion to ensure our customers receive great customer service and workmanship.


    We specialize in septic tank pumping, grease traps, line cleaning, and parking lot drains.

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    We have two trucks that we
    use to serve the Fraser Valley
    from Langley to Boston Bar.


    Septic maintenance is important to lower the chance of having a system failure or break down of your field. An effective way to ensure the health of your septic system is to have it pumped every 1 to 3 years depending on the number of people the system serves.

    You can tell your system is not working properly if you have a back up in your toilets or if the ground above your field is damp. If your septic system has not been pumped in awhile, call Chilliwack Septic Ltd. for a free quote and consultation. 

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    • Had a bit of an emergency and Chilliwack Septic was able to help me out greatly. Had no trouble fixing my problem and were very professional and efficient in performing their job.
      — Eric V.
    • Chilliwack Septic provide excellent quality service. They were punctual, professional, and showed their expertise in septic services.
      — Mary W.
    • Great company. Great service. Timely and very professional.
      — Dave T.